The Best Family Beach Games - What I Mean... (2023)

Lying on the beach all day can be a little boring for some people. If you don't want to spend the day reading magazines or sunbathing, check out our beach games for families. Shake things up by trying new activities. We've collected different games for all ages, so you're sure to find something fun for you and your loved ones.

You don't need to pack a lot for a great day at the beach. Simple beach toys, towels and blankets can be used for many amazing beach games. We try to give you imaginative game ideas that require little preparation. Even if you forgot a few things on your beach checklist, you can still have a lot of fun. Don't worry, we're here for you.

Before scrolling to see our listplaying fun games on the beach, we would like to point out a few things.

  • You don't need expensive and cool accessories to have fun.Family beach games. Most dollar stores have amazing beach toys that are very useful and serve the same purpose as the expensive ones.
  • Consider the weight and portability of the accessories you plan to bring. You should probably pick something light but not small enough to get lost in the sand.
  • Don't be afraid to take your dog to the beach! Most beaches are pet friendly and you'll have fun picking up your dog or swimming together.
  • popular beach gamesIt can also be a lot of fun, so don't hesitate to incorporate the classics into your beach activities. For example, Frisbee should always be an open option for the beach.

games for kids


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Use sand and water to play fun games with your kids. Think of something unusual that your kids don't experience often. Here's something kids can do besides building castles and digging holes.

Treasure Hunt on the Beach

Give your children a bucket and a list of treasures they need to "find". You can search for shells, rocks, stones, logs, etc. You must be a safe distance coordinator. Keep an eye on your children so they don't disturb other bathers.

You can play all possible variations of this game. Make a score and decide which items are worth 5 or 10 points and which are worth nothing. Set a timer to pick things up and the kid with the most points wins. Play a few rounds and the player with the most wins picks the most expensive ice cream.

You can also play a classic beach treasure hunt game. Distract your children with other activities or send them swimming with the other parent. Use this time to spread clues around the beach. When they return, send them in search of buried treasure, giving them their first clue. Make sure your kids work together as a team to solve the puzzles. Also, keep the clues simple and solvable so kids don't get stuck.

little explorers

Take old plastic toys to the beach and bury them in the sand. If you choose something like dinosaurs, kids can pretend they're paleontologists discovering new species. They can give "talks" about their findings. Ask them to describe the toy they found (shape, color, condition) and explain how they found it.

This game will stimulate your imagination. Children of all ages can play, even the little ones! You just have to adjust it accordingly. Don't dig toys for young children too deep in the sand and ask for simple explanations and descriptions. As for older children, let them be a little creative. They can also talk about what they learned about dinosaurs or other animals at school.

Construction site on the beach

Children love playing in the sand, but they get tired of filling buckets and building castles with wet sand. That's why you need to create a game with a purpose. Imagine that you are "constructing" a new building on a construction site!

Of course you need machinery and equipment for the construction site. Bring all those toy tractors, road rollers and trucks to the beach. That's better than leaving them lying around the house gathering dust, right? They also need builders, so feel free to bring some action figures. Who cares if they get a little dirty! It's just sand and the toys can be easily cleaned. Just don't bring Legos or anything like that or they'll get lost.

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family competitions

Fun beach games for families.They are more exciting when it comes to prizes. Light competition is always welcome if everyone is behaving properly. You can be the judge to keep sibling rivalry in check. If you're playing with another family, make sure another parent is available to watch games with you so you're not biased.

musical towels

It's like musical chairs, but better. You will use towels to make a row. Of course, there should be enough towels for every player but one. One person must play the music while the others dance around the beach towels until the music stops. Each player must find a towel to stand on (or sit on if they want to make the game more interesting), and the player without a towel is eliminated. The "winner" is the player left at the end of the last round.

beach ball activities

For beach fun, all you need is a beach ball. A deflated ball takes up almost no space in your bag, but it can provide a lot of games for the whole family.

You can play the game"hot potato". Pass the ball as fast as you can without dropping it. You can also throw it in water, although it's a lot harder (and probably more fun). Players who drop the ball will be disqualified and the game will continue until there is a winner.

You can also organize races with the ball. Draw lines in the sand to form the start and finish lines. Let the players race each other with the beach ball between their knees. If you only have one ball, players can take turns timing and comparing results. Keep in mind that young children can simply run around while carrying the ball. That alone would be enough of a challenge.

Before inflating the ball, you can use a marker to write silly actions. By tossing the ball back and forth, you choose one of the written actions to perform. Don't put anything too hard for all the kids to play with. Something like hopping on one foot or walking in a circle for 5 seconds should be fine. If a player fails to perform the action correctly, he will be disqualified.

Fill the bucket with water

Give each child a spoon (or cup) and have them run to the water and come back to fill the bucket. The trick is to be as fast as possible without spilling water during the race. You can time or play until a bucket is full.

Hindernisparcours am Strand

Run a beach hurdle race with whatever you can find near you. Use beach chairs, towels, and even wet sand to create terrain that is difficult to run on. Create some movement (e.g. jumping jacks) mid-route as well. Then you take turns to see who can finish the track in the fastest time.


Spending an entire day at the beach can make it fun to do more than just swim, snorkel, etc. Bring a quality ball and play volleyball or even soccer. You don't need a network or other fancy devices. Just find the space big enough not to disturb other visitors on the beach.

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You can even play something more unusual like miniature golf. When you receive a set of plastic golf clubs and balls, you don't have to worry about damage or cleaning afterward. You can only use the set for the beach. Make a golf course by digging holes in the sand and decorating it with sticks and rocks.

There are many sports to choose from. All regular sports can be adapted to the arena field. The most important thing to consider is your family's preference. If they are very active, choose something more difficult. Make her sweat a little! However, if you're the type of person who likes to kick back and relax throughout the day, it might be best to refrain from exercising.

simple games

You don't have to do everything and come up with something complicated to play with. Choose something simple andfun beach games.

Magnetic chess or checkers

Playing chess (or checkers) is a great way to relax on the beach without worrying about disturbing someone close to you. You can't run around or play anything active when the beach is full, can you? Make sure you pack a magnetic game that includes quick and easy games and you won't be bored at the beach in no time. The magnets keep everything secure and the pieces don't get lost, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

card games

Traditional card games are great for relaxing on the beach. The only thing to keep in mind is a waterproof deck so your cards don't get damaged. There are all kinds of games you can play. From Go-Fish to Crazy Eights, the possibilities are endless. You can even learn to play a new game like the one shown in the video below.

guessing games

You can play any guessing game you can think of. The game called "I spy" is the most popular. One player selects an object in sight and tells the other players "I see something with my little eye that starts with..." and says the first letter of the object. The player can even give other types of hints. The other players guess what the object is and the one who gets it right becomes the next spy.

You can also organize charades or pictionary on the beach. When playing charades, someone must play a word or phrase while others guess. You must not say anything to help the players. The same rules apply to the Pictionary game. The only difference is that you draw the word that needs to be guessed.

Guessing games are very convenient because they do not require "equipment". You can play them anywhere and make variations your family would like. Divide into teams and compete against each other or try to guess the words and objects as a group.

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common questions

How to keep children entertained at the beach?

Include it in every game you play: beach charades, card games, checkers, etc. You can also organize family competitions or send them on treasure hunts.

What beach activities are there?

Of course you go to the beach to swim, but you can also go for a walk or run, exercise, have a picnic, read, play, etc.

What not to do on the beach?

Avoid anything that might disturb other bathers, such as B. Making noise, waving your towel around someone, smoking, etc.


We hope you give these games a try the next time you're at the beach. Remember everything you need to playbest beach games for familiesIt's enthusiasm and a good attitude. So fun is guaranteed!

If you go to the beach at night, there are also many things to do. Here is our articleFun things to do at the beach at night, so check it out for more ideas.


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