33 Fabulous and Fun Beach Games for the Family | BEACHES (2023)

Family days at the beach are among the simplest and most extraordinary events; Many people carry these experiences in their hearts for the rest of their lives. Whether that alluring beach is near home or on Caribbean islandsjJamaica, the mesmerizing blue of the sea, the sparkling white sand and the infectious laughter of your loved ones on the beach will shape your soul.

If you have and want a family day at the beach on the horizon with your immediate or extended familymake it very specialCheck out our 33 best beach games for families that are perfect for an exciting day at the beach!

Expert tip:What are family beach games without the right beach destination? Here are somefamily vacation ideasremembering that it will be fun for everyone!

33 fun beach games for the family

1. Water bucket relay

A bucket relay is a great way to get the excitement going at the beach. If you are traveling with your family, you can split into teams of at least two people. Each team should have a bucket of water, and you can use spoons, ladles, or any other handy tool of your choicescoop sea water into your bucket. Take turns doing this within teams. The relay winner goes to the team that fills the bucket first!

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2. Limbo

Limbo is a lot of fun no matter the scenario. All you need for some good seaside limbo action is a pool noodle, or maybe even some driftwood. You can set the stage for some exciting float laps, music included.A portable speaker playing festive music will help everyone really get into the game.Young and old can participate in Beach Limbo at a certain level and you can make the game more and more challenging. how deep can you go

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Image: The long white sandy beaches ofseven miles of beachMake a great place for your family beach games! Exciting all-inclusive family resorts likeNegril Beachesgives you access to Seven Mile Beach plus a world of fabulous amenities including 24-hour dining and snacks, day and night entertainment, a water park, lazy river and swim-up bars - always included, always unlimited!

3. Shell hunting

Shells are usually plentiful on the beach, so why not try a fun activity that includes shell hunting? A shell hunt works best on a beach with lots of shells, so do some research beforehand. The goal of a snail hunt will be to seeWho can find the most clams or the largest clams in a given time?. When everyone has found the shells, award points for the number of shells, the type of shells, and the shapes, sizes, and colors.

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Expert tip:Make this experience fun for the kids too by letting them share in the magic of the seashells. Did you know that you can hear the sound of the ocean inside a big shell? Kids will love to hear!

4. Frisbee

A frisbee game on the beach is not too complicated to organize. All you really have to do is pop one in your bag at some point while packing and you have everything you need for an exciting game by the sea. The best kind of frisbee will belightweight and buoyant so you can easily find it when thrown into the water. When you're at the beach, split up the teams and have fun as a family.

5. Baseball/Cricket

Rounders or beach cricket are great options for large families, especially those with older children. These games tend to involve a bit of racingIt's better to play when it's not too hot. A good rule of thumb if planning to play rounder/cricket on the beach is to choose a beach that isn't too crowded so other people won't be disturbed if they lose their ball.

6. Cram-Pfeife

Flying a kite is something you can plan well ahead of your beach day to get everyone involved. If you're traveling with your family, you can buy a kite for anyone old enough to fly one and even let your kids choose their own. Handcrafted kites are also an option. If you plan your day at the beach to fly kites,Remember that the best days for kite flying are when there is a lot of wind, so it might be a bit too cold to take a bath.

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7. Dig a hole

Digging holes in the sand seems almost second nature to kids at the beach, so why not make a game out of it? Can your kids build their own pool in the sand? How deep and wide can they dig if they dig together? Make everyone fun andWhen you're done, take a picture of everyone in the hole.

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Expert tip:Dig away from the tide to prevent the hole from filling up too quickly.

8. Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a beach classic on a sunny day and you and the kids can enjoy a few rounds of this game on a nice day at the beach. You need at least two players to start a beach volleyball game, but when there are more people in the group, it's even better. If you have a very large group, you can evenExperience a beach volleyball match with adults against children!

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Bild:beachescontains moreCountry sportsthan any other resort in the Caribbean, so there's no limit to what you can play when you can play it.

9. Towel tug of war

Children, for whatever reason, love to play tug of war, and at the beach you can show your competitive side at the mention of this challenge. You need at least two players to start this game, howeverIt's more fun with four or more people. Start by putting a marker in the sand - a digging toy, bucket, or float might be ideal. Best of 3 out of 5 rounds wins!

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10. Sand angel

If you've heard of snow angels, you've probably heard of sand angels. If you haven't already, it's a real way to make sand angels. All you have to do is secure a seat in the arena, lie down and use a "Starfish" action to create your angel. When you and the kids are done, you canUse pebbles and shells to decorate your sand angels.

Good to know:Making sand angels is a great way to warm up after a dip in the sea.

11. Treasure Hunt

Similar to a shell hunt, a beach scavenger hunt is a great way to keep the kids occupied. The difference between these two games is that in a treasure huntYou'll have more control over what the kids find along the way if you submit a few things in advance. Or you can take the nature trail and search with the kids for what everyone can find, from shells and pebbles to different species of flora and fauna.

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If you hide the family treasure hunt items yourself, you can do thatMake a list of things you want the children to look for and direct them to the area to look for. The Beach Scavenger Hunt winner could be the person who gets the most sorted items (if you go the natural route) or the person who finds the most items on your list.

12. Soccer

Take a soccer ball and go to the beach to exercise. This is a great way to get the whole family involved and all you need besides a ball are some markings on the ground for the goals. things likeTowels, buckets, piles of sand or castles can be used to score goals. Divide into teams of at least four players and start throwing the ball. With the recommended number of players you have two goalkeepers and two forwards, but the more players the better in this beach game. Five players per side is ideal if you can pull it off!

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Expert tip:Want to plan a fun vacation with older kids? ThisHolidays for young peopleYou will be greeted with a smile immediately!

13. Musical towels

Have you ever heard of music chairs? Musical towels are a similar concept. All you need to start the musical towel party is a portable speaker, good music, and beach towels. Spare clothes can also come in handy if you don't have enough towels.The same rules apply to music towels as to music chairs.Any old enough member of your family can take turns leading the music while removing the towels.

14. Sirens of the Sands

Making sand mermaids on the beach can be fun. This activity works best when a family member agrees to be the model. Have the model sit or lie on the sand and be covered up to the chest or waist. Once that's done, you can have fun shaping a mermaid tail around your legs.Decorate mermaid tails with shells, seaweed, pebbles and other marine finds.Be sure to take photos to capture the memories. Funny poses are recommended!

15. Paint stones

If you're planning a day at the beach with the kids but don't necessarily want to go swimming, plan some fun activities. One of these activities can be cave painting.You must plan ahead for this activity as you will need suppliessuch as brushes and acrylic paints. You can choose a beach theme, collect rocks with the kids, and then paint. Play with shapes and colors and even try to paint a sunset, sunrise, an underwater scene or something totally abstract.

16. Hoop Toss/Hoop Toss

Hoop Toss or Hoop Toss is a game that will bring out the competitive side of your family members. You can play this game in a group or split it into two teams. Play to see who can score the most points. He canBuy pre-made ring toss games or get creativeand do it yourself. Consider including prizes to increase the excitement factor!

17. Bojenrennen

Swimmers make a day at the beach or pool more exciting, so why not bring them along to an extravagant family beach extravaganza? You can use the floats to do thisOrganize fun water races from one end of the beach to the other. Stay close to the coast, especially with young children. If the water isn't calm or your group doesn't include strong swimmers, this activity may not be ideal.

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18. Draw what you see

Would you like to organize an artistic day at the beach? You can organize a drawing contest for your family where everyone has to draw what they see.All you need is paper, pens and a little liquid imagination.This activity is great for kids of all ages, but older kids can try recreating beautiful beach scenes. Kids can draw what they see and even add a few extras like dolphins, whales, mermaids and even pirate ships. When all is said and done, you can take your creations home and maybe even frame them!

Expert tip:Are you planning a family reunion? consider afamily reunion vacationIn the Caribbean! A relaxing beach environment might be just what you need for everyone to relax and engage in fun beach games too!

19th water polo relay

An active beach day can include a beach ball relay, for which you need at least four players. This game works for kids of all ages and adults can have a lot of fun too. The beachball relayThis includes passing a beach ball between the knees and seeing which team can complete the task the quickest. Smaller teams can work to beat their best time, while larger groups can race to the finish.

20. Cleanup of Praia Grande

Do you want to teach your kids a lesson about environmental protection? A great way to do this would be to get the whole family involved in a beach cleanup. You can even make a game out of it:Whoever fills the sack with the most rubbish wins a prize.. Keep your kids safe during this activity by providing them with gloves and supervising them.

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21. Buried Treasure

Have a pirate beach day and spend some time searching for buried treasure. You can use game or real coins and bury them in the sand, or go even further and find a makeshift treasure chest that you can fill with goodies.Give the kids shovels and let them dig to find the treasure.To make the game more authentic, create a treasure map with clues and give each participant one.

22. Familienfotosession am Strand

Do you want to enjoy the perfect beach scenery with amazing family photos?Organize a pre-planned or impromptu beach photo session yourself.You can set the timer on your camera or phone and get the right settings for the perfect seaside shots, or you can let the kids take pictures for the day. You can also take some silly selfies all together to capture the moments.

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Image: Relive your cherished holiday moments for years to come! Look at the whole family andLet our professional photographer take you on a journeyto capture the best moment of your life!

23. I spy

I Spy can be a fun way to keep kids busy at the beach. Younger children in particular will love this game of guessing different beach sightings in the area using simple clues.Use themes like colors, nature or objects we brought to the beach.Keep things simple for younger kids and add more variations for older kids.

24. Build a Sand Fortress

From the pillow fortress at home to the sand fortress at the beach, your kids will love having super cozy beach time. With a few shovels and buckets, the whole family can help build the fortress. He canFind ideas for different types of forts to build together on Pinterest.

25. Sharks and minnows

Sharks and Little Fishes is an ideal swimming game for older children. This game can also be modified to play in the sand if younger children are involved. To play this game you mustChoose a “shark” from the group to have the task of “tagging” the small fish.when trying to reach the shore. This game usually requires a referee to take the calls at close range, so the adults can take turns taking this position!

26. Dovecote

Pictionary is familiar to most people, but this game can be played a little differently on the beach. No pencil or paper required! Instead, you just canCreate shapes in the sand with things like shells, pebbles, seaweed or driftwood. Each player takes turns drawing whatever comes to mind while everyone else tries to guess what it is before completing the drawing. The winner will be declared as the first to identify the object in the drawing and that will be the next to draw/create their own creation in the sand. Pictionary can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

27. burned

Looking for something different on this beach excursion? Bring some dodgeball action to the shore! This option isideal if you are spending time at the beach with older children and teenagersyou can get bored quickly. You can gather everyone and compete in teams for prizes. Use a water ball to reduce the risk of injury. This game is ideal for large groups and teams.

Expert tip: Vacation for teenagersIt may require a little extra planning. Here are someHoliday ideas for families with teenagersthis will help keep boredom at bay.

28. TikTok-Ball – Gamer-Stil

Take a break from the beach action for a good TikTok. Most kids won't say no to this activity, especially if they're already a TikTok fan. You can get together and do a family style TikTok dance. These types of videos arejust as fun to watch as it isover and over again when everyone gets home. Try different dances, and ifThe grandparents are on this beach tripAlso, see if the kids can convince them to join in the fun.

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29. Knots and Crosses

Also known as Tic-Tac-Toe or Xs and Os, you can play Tic-Tac-Toe in the sand with your family during your day at the beach. Only two players are needed to play this game, so that's itsuitable for small beach groupsAlso. Make your Tic-Tac-Toe game more interesting by adding prizes for the person with the most wins after a certain number of rounds.

30. Twenty Questions

A 20 question game is adopted by older children and teenagers who can easily understand the rules. You need at least two players for this game, and once you have enough people you can get things up and running quickly. Start by choosing one person.You can choose someone everyone knows personally, or even a celebrity!After the selection, the other players have to guess who you have selected and ask a maximum of 20 questions about them.

31. Sandhenker

When was the last time you played Hangman? If it's been a while, Sand Hangman might be the perfect reintroduction. The rules of the game are the same, except that pen and paper are swapped out for sand and a tree branch.Use simple words when playing with young children and make it more difficult with teenagers and adults.For teens and adults, you can also use phrases, letters, and the like.

32. Mission Rockpool

Are there many rock pools on the beach you have chosen? If so, it's perfect for a Rockpool treasure hunt. Children of all ages will love the opportunity to test their observation skills by searching the rock pools for signs of life. See if you can find creatures in the tidepools and use the experience of searching together as an opportunity to do soTeach children about the animals that live on and around the beach.

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33. Sandburgen

You can't go wrong building sandcastles on the beach with kids. There are many ways to perform this classic activity, from the easy freestyle route toBuild your sandcastle by hand or get several sandcastle moldsto make your creation even more special. Fairytale and pirate themes can provide great inspiration for sandcastle building projects, and you can make them as big or as complex as you like!

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Expert tip:Building sandcastles is not only fun, but can also be educational for children. You can teach young children how to build solid sandcastles using just the right amount of water and sand.

And don't forget our best beach tips...

1. Sunscreen is required

Sunburns are the worst, especially on family vacations. Avoid this discomfort by applying copious amounts of full-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen (with SPF 50 and higher).Repeat frequently for yourself and the children., just like everyone goes in and out of the water. Older children can reapply (although they usually need reminders from you!).

2. Hats and sunglasses are recommended.

Help kids look cool with hats,preferably those that cover the sensitive areas of the face and earsAlso. Umbrellas and other sun protection gear also come in handy on sunny days.

3. Windbreak is sometimes necessary

If you areWindbreaks come in handy when heading to a windier beachto protect you and your children from the elements.

4. Avoid the midday sun if possible

The best time to go to the beach is usually early morning before 10am or late afternoon after 3pm.The hours between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. are usually the main hours of sunshine., although this may vary by destination.

5. Be alert

It goes without saying that you should be more careful when visiting the beach with children.You must be alert at all times., especially when younger children are in and around the water. Also keep an eye on older children and educate them about things like currents and other potential dangers on the beach.

6. Protect your devices

Waterproof cases or pouches are a great optionKeep your devices safe and dry if you decide to take them to the beachlike you. If you find bringing them with you is too much work, leave your devices in your hotel room or at home.

7. Bring plenty of water

Spending hours on the beach in the sun is a sure-fire way to increase your thirst.Bring plenty of water and juice for you and the kids., especially if you go to a beach that isn't close to shops or restaurants. Also pack some snacks and make sure you don't leave any rubbish behind when you leave the beach.

Expert tip:When planning a beachHoliday with childĂ–Holiday with baby, thischildren's vacationYou are highly recommended!

Family beach games are great for making friends and creating memories!

There are so many things to do at a family beach besides swimming and playing in the sand. Depending on which beach you go to, you canTry water sports, play some beach games, build sandcastles, and just let go and enjoy.

We hope we've helped you find fun things to do with your family on your next beach day. Yesthis day at the beach takes you to the caribbeanIt's worth noting that this region has some incredible onesAll-inclusive resorts for families. Praias Resorts has themThe best kids clubs, nurseries for babies and toddlers, a beach shack for teenagers, aWater Park, and lots of super fun activities for kids and parents on and off the beach!

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Image: Immerse yourself in a unique and incredibly exciting experiencefor the whole family.

Now is the best time for your family to play and laugh together.Make the most of your time on the beautiful coast., and enjoy lasting memories.


Expert tip:Are you going on holiday with your family and don't know what to pack? here is oursUltimate packing list for a family beach vacation.


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